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    Twice I had dates with 2 different gentlemen. The first one was very nicelooking and I liked him. We (I thought) had a good time. No kiss or anything of that nature. I just want to start out as friends. Heard from him a couple of times but nothing since. (a month). My sister said he was probably just looking to sleep with someone .... 2nd one I went out with last night and all he did was talk about his impending divorce & how bad his other 2 wives were. Other than that he was a gentlemen, had a great meal and planned on getting together today to sight see but when I called to arrange to meet him he said "we were not compatible" .... I guess I need to find out what questions to ask before ever getting to a meet & date stage. Any suggestions? Need your advice and help. Gail
    Oh the trials and tribulations of the "Dating World". Let's start with Date #1: You say you felt you had a good time on the date and he did contact ... For detail, click here

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